Friday, January 11, 2013

Tajani unveils plan to make entrepreneurship more attractive

The European Commission has urged member states to change their tax regimes to be more encouraging to small businesses. It said it would be identifying best practices across the EU that were conducive to “an entrepreneur-friendly fiscal environment”.
Launching an action plan for entrepreneurship (9 January), Antonio Tajani, the European commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship, stressed the importance of tax regimes to small businesses and invite member states to:
  • make tax administration more favorable to early-stage business
  • promote cross-border tax co-ordination to minimise double taxation and other barriers to cross-border enterprise
  • reassess corporate income tax regimes
  • implement the option for small businesses of a cash accounting scheme for value-added tax
  • allow owners of new businesses to ask for adjustments to their payment schedules for social security contributions
Tajani said he would be asking the Irish government, which has just taken on the presidency of the Council of Ministers, to put the action plan on the agenda of one of the meetings of the Competitiveness Council during its presidency.

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