Thursday, February 9, 2012

AMERICAS - the new initiative to foster ICT cooperation between the EU and Latin America

EMF is partner in AMERICAS, the third of a series of EU FP7-ICT funded projects to reinforce ICT cooperation between EU and Latin America. The project aims at supporting sustainable ICT policy dialogues and fostering ICT R&D cooperation between the EU and strategic partner countries in Latin America, by enabling new synergies and effective collaboration through policy makers, researchers and key stakeholders networks, including e-infrastructures. The AMERICAS project covers all countries with a bi-lateral S&T Agreement with the EU (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) plus Colombia.

Key activities foreseen to reinforce the ICT cooperation between EU and Latin America:
•    One-day Master Class in each Latin America target country (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia) to familiarise potential partners with EU funding mechanisms.
•    Two Project Angels summer schools to reinforce the existent Project Angels Network in Latin America.
•    Support of the ICT policy dialogue between the EU and Latin America through an Annual ICT Forum, the first being scheduled for 16 March 2012 in Santiago de Chile.
•    Develop synergies between e-Infrastructures and ICT activities in Latin America

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