Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of #Hashtags

A hashtag is created with the sharp symbol # in front of the keyword and allows to identify and to categorize the sent message. Recognized by Twitter, it is immediately converted in clickable hashtag and sended back on the list of all the tweets containing this keyword. The sharp symbol is now also used in Google +, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr in the same way.

The use of this symbol is more and more integrated into the social networking strategies of companies. They use it to follow or assert skills in a very precise theme, target a community and get their attention on a relevant subject.

Advertising campaigns on Twitter by hashtag offer numerous advantages:
  • The audience of Twitter is more reliable than Facebook, its use is more often professional, less anonymous.
  • Hashtags allows to target the public with precision and to promote a service, a product, an event, at a low cost.
  • Twitter allows to locate the active, quiet and inactive profiles, as well as the most influential.
  • A relevant content carrying the "hashtag signature of a brand" can obtain a world visibility.
The organization of a watch around hashtags concerning your business sector will allow you to have an overview of the interactive flows, you can so intervene in the most relevant discussions and assert your expertise.

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