Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Europeans get connected 25,9 hours/month in average

Europeans get connected 25,9 hours/month in average. This is more than a day but what is their behavior? Where do they go? ComScore reported the online activities of the 397 millions Europeans in their last study.

About social medias? 1 in 4 minutes is spent on social networks, blogs, microblogging websites, social bookmarking ones, social news, ... (Fig.1). And to do so, they use more and more new devices such as mobiles or tablets. English speaking countries lead Europe and especially United Kingdom (16,4%). Portugal, Poland and Turkey brought up the rear with 3% or less. (Fig 2.)

The trendy activities of these new devices are Major IM Services (that include Social medias), weather and medias sharing website. (Fig. 3)

Source: Cedric.c

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