Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The global market in Key Enabling Technologies is forecast to jump of 55% by 2015

The European Commission has today called for a European effort to boost Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). The global market in KETs, which comprises micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology, photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing systems, is forecast to grow from € 646 Billion to over € 1 Trio by 2015.

KETs can bring back European innovation leadership because they are a key source of innovation: They provide the indispensable technology bricks that enable a wide range of product applications, including those required for developing low carbon energy technologies, improving energy and resource efficiency, and new medical products for ageing population. The capacity of Europe to develop and industrially deploy KETs plays crucial role in contributing to sustainable competitiveness and growth.

The internal market offers a fertile background for KETs: Today the EU represents the largest integrated market in the world that is receptive to innovations, with world leading industries in fields of automotive, chemicals, aeronautics, space, health and energy – all users of KETs.

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