Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Better use of ICT can help Spain to improve economic growth

Spain can reap more value from ICTs, says OECD. Better use of information communication technologies (ICTs) can help Spain unlock governmental efficiencies and help prepare the country for future economic growth, according to a new study from the OECD. The report "Reaping the Benefits of ICTs in Spain - Strategic Study on Communication Infrastructures and Paperless Administration", examines recent achievements in two key areas – communication infrastructures and e-government - and proposes policies to help Spain better leverage ICT investments.

"The difficult economic challenges faced by Spain require attention from several perspectives", says Mr. Rolf Alter, director for the OECD Public Governance directorate. "A focus on the added value of ICTs – to lever investments in growth as well as to promote higher efficiency and enable expenditure reductions in the public administration -  is an important contribution for Spain's sustainable recovery."

In terms of ICTs in the public administration, Spain has achieved an impressive supply of online public service delivery but needs to implement effective measures to support a greater user uptake in order to benefit from returns on previous investments. Data and evidence should be used to ground business cases with a clear focus on the value of ICTs – both in decision making and project implementation. Additionally, governance measures should be put in place to ensure national-regional alignment of e-government policies and implementation.

The report has been presented to key members of the Spanish government and to the High-Level Committee Group of Experts of the Spanish Digital Agenda.

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