Monday, March 12, 2012

Language Technology companies among the European Seal of e-Excellence Winners 2012

Six innovative and market driven language technology companies won on 6 March the European Seal of e-Excellence award. The Seal has been awarded annually since 2003 and is widely known for distinguishing companies with innovative products and services and outstanding marketing track records.

Gold language technology winners:

Digital publishing AG (, a German supplier of online language learning technology (using the Intellispeech accent-reduction tool, and Speex Plug&Learn)

Lingosaur ( a Finnish online translation management platform designed to create an efficient and easy solution for customers to make translation orders over the Internet, and provide jobs for translators.

Young Digital Planet ( a German educational publisher that among other products provides online language learning courses that integrate speech and other language technology solutions.

Platinum language technology winners:

Admantx ( from Italy offers semantics-based data contextaulization technology to optimize ad placement. The aim is to assure that the underlying emotional response to the content matches the action desired by the advertiser.

Anboto ( is a Spanish supplier of Web Customer Service and e-Commerce technology based on semantics and natural language processing to reduce costs and increase sales. The company’s main products are a Virtual Sales Agent and Intelligent Chat.

Inbenta, ( is a Barcelona-based company that pioneered a new approach to corporate semantic search designed to improves the customer experience.

More information about other European Seal of e-Excellence winners will be weekly provided in this blog.

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