Thursday, March 22, 2012

EMF Building Bridges between EU and LAC

EMF has participate in the event 'Building Bridges between EU-LAC' organized by the newspaper Aquieuropa/Aquiamericalatina, Brussels.

"We are all in the same boat vis-à-vis global challenges" emphasised H.E. Ms. Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Head of Mission of Mexico to the EU, "even though some of us may travel first class and others second, if the boat sinks, we all will perish". This clear call for collaboration was followed by discussions by Latin American Ambassadors in Brussels, key business representatives and officials from European institutions.

Jorge Valdez, Executive Director of EU-LAC Foundation

The meeting focused on the cooperation between EU and Latin America at institutional and economic level. Furthermore, H.E. Mr. Carlos Appelgren, Chilean Ambassador for the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg in Brussels, introduced the recently created "Community of Latin American and Caribbean States - CELAC" and gave his plans for the CELAC-EU Summit in January 2013 for which Chile is host. The new EU-LAC Foundation was presented by its Executive Director, Jorge Valdez.

EMF has a long track record in ICT cooperation with Latin America, reinforced by ICT projects with Latin American partners, such as the currently running AMERICAS.

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