Friday, January 20, 2012

What´s the future for Internet related Jobs?

In the following video made in the context of the first Round table of the ProInterNet (PIN) project, I. Marinou, director of the Greek Man Power Employment Organization (OAED) in Patras and I. Kostopoulos, ICT consultant in the Municipality of Patras, discuss about the future of Internet related Jobs. They speakers outline their views on future needs and make suggestions about what can be done to improve the situation in the Internet related job market.

EMF is partner of the ProInterNet (PIN) project funded by the LLP programme of the European Comission. PIN aims to improve transparency, information systems and guidance on skills and qualifications for Internet related professions at European Level. As a result of the project the e-Jobs Observatory has been implemented as the one-stop-shop for e-Jobs, e-skills and e-competences in Europe.

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