Wednesday, November 9, 2011

“Europeans for Fair Roaming”, a new initiative for lower roaming charges across the EU

The roaming charges currently levied by mobile operators within the EU are detrimental to European integration and the competitiveness of the European market - it essentially means that virtual borders remain for communication inside the EU where real borders have become invisible.

“Europeans for Fair Roaming” call for a faster reduction in prices, free receiving of calls when roaming and the extension of consumer protection mechanisms to other countries outside the EU. The initiative considers that price caps for data roaming are still much higher than they should be to allow consumers to use their phones abroad. The proposed price caps (500-900 EUR / gigabyte) are still unduly high considering that the cost for operators to provide one gigabyte of data today is in the region of 1 EUR.

“Europeans for Fair Roaming” already expanded to a network of more than 1500 individuals, 10 MEPs from different political groups and 11 organisations (including big organisations such as JEF and ZDNet) representing/reaching about 125.000 people.

You may find out more and join the initiative here

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