Thursday, October 13, 2011

Report on Entreprise 2.0

The report synthetices the final results for the study on “Enterprise 2.0 in Europe”, created by Tech4i2, IDC and Headshift for the European Commission.
The document is adressed to 4 main issues:

-WHAT? What is E20, what is new, and what is it good for, concretely?
-WHY? Why does it matter? Does it help reaching EU goals of
sustainable growth?
-HOW? What are the key requirements for a successful
-SO WHAT? What are the policy implications? What are the key
challenges, and what policy actions should be taken?

The report addresses the questions above outlined, but as a structured self-consistent and readable report rather than as a list of points. Therefore, the structure of the chapter does not simply reproduce the questions in the same order, but organically addresses them in the course of the narrative.

Download the report

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