Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A directive for better protection of consumer rights, particularly when shopping online

The Council of the European Union adopted a new directive the 10th of October to increase the consumer protection in distance (including on-line) and off-premises purchases across the European Union.

The new directive fully harmonises the list of information to be given to consumers and the right of withdrawal for distance and off-premises purchases. Subject to certain exceptions, the consumer will have the right to withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract within a period of fourteen days without giving any reason and without any costs.

Top 10 benefits for consumers in the new Directive:
1) The proposal will eliminate hidden charges and costs on the Internet
2) Increased price transparency
3) Banning pre-ticked boxes on websites
4) 14 Days to change your mind on a purchase
Better refund rights
Introduction of an EU-wide model withdrawal form
7) Eliminating surcharges for the use of credit cards and hotlines
8) Clearer information on who pays for returning goods
Better consumer protection in relation to digital products
10) Common rules for businesses will make it easier for them to trade all over Europe.

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