Monday, July 4, 2011

Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011

The Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011 provides an in-depth statistical and economic analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of national research and innovation systems. The document also provides solid facts on which to base national policy choices.

The Key findings from this report point out that:

- Europe needs to accelerate investment in research and innovation.
- In times of economic crisis, accumulated investment in research and innovation has a counter-cyclical effect.
- Investments in innovation have to be "smarter".
- The development of highly-skilled people needs to be matched with the needs of business.
- Integration and internationalisation of research increases returns on investments.
- Weak framework conditions prevent knowledge being transformed into marketable products and services.
- Europe has strong potential in technological inventions tackling societal challenges.
- EU needs more innovative and fast-growing SMEs.

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