Monday, April 18, 2011

Wordbee and Lingosaur awarded with the Special mention Seal on Language Technologies 2011

Wordbee, the online computer assisted translation (CAT) and management platform from Luxemburg won the Gold seal of the European Seal of e-Excellence award 2011 whereas Lingosaur, an online translation agency from Finland was awarded with the Silver seal 2011.

The cloud-based software of Wordbee, a Translation Environment Tool (TEnT), called Wordbee Translator, provides a centralized, shared environment and workspace for translators, reviewers, project managers, and other project stakeholders. The TEnT provides project management and tracking capabilities, linguistic technology tools like glossary management, translation memory and machine translation, and customizable workflows.
Wordbee proposes a web platform (SaaS) that enables companies to bring all documents and people into one collaborative workspace.

Lingosaur Online Translation Agency operates purely in the Internet. The technology enable the service?s quality and promptness but at its core is a community of translators. Therefore, it is not a translating machine but a service based on human work.
Via Lingosaurs web page, customers can send their texts to be translated, set the source and target languages, and choose between two quality levels.

More information about other European Seal of e-Excellence winners will be weekly provided in this blog.

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