Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The OECD publishes 2 reports on Privacy and Digital Identity Management

Two reports published by the OECD's Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy, analyse respectively the privacy landscape and the national strategies and policies for digital identity management in the OECD countries.

The Evolving Privacy Landscape: 30 Years After the OECD Privacy Guidelines
The report begins by recalling the development and influence of the Guidelines. It then describes a number of current trends in the processing of personal data and the privacy risks in this evolving environment. It identifies some of the challenges that today’s environment brings for protecting privacy under existing approaches, and highlights a number of current initiatives and innovative approaches to privacy.

Particular attention is focused on the impact of the Internet and other technologies, consistent with the issues and priorities highlighted in the 2008 Seoul Ministerial on the Future of the Internet Economy.

Download the full report

National Strategies and Policies for Digital Identity Management in OECD Countries

The report is based on responses to the Questionnaire on National Strategies and Policies for Digital Identity Management (IdM) in OECD Countries. The report includes a detailed analysis, a list of references, country summaries (Annex I) and a contribution by the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) (Annex II).

Download the full report

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