Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Balazs-Diak, Hedz Hungary and Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado, 3 Hungarian Companies winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011

Balazs-Diak, an education material producer and trader company, Hedz Hungary a proprietary software solutions company and Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado, an e-learning services and e-learning solutions company won the Gold and Silver award of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011.

Balazs-Diak is an education material producer and trader company. The company have developed an interactive software for teachers called i-Doctum. Available subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The curriculums are independent from course books and can be excellently applied into all country’s curriculums.

Hedz Hungary, develops proprietary software solutions that can transform ordinary mobile telephones into valuable tailor-made corporate tools, sophisticated e-banking terminals or virtual credit cards for mobile operator independent m-commerce applications.

Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado(NTK) is a traditional textbook publisher that aims to respond to customer demands and to offer high-quality products and services. NTK provides textbooks for K1-K12 (primary, secondary) and higher education and develops digital contents, e-learning services and e-learning solutions, such as softwares and learning management systems.

More information about other European Seal of e-Excellence winners will be weekly provided in this blog.

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