Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 Bulgarian Companies winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011

ICB - InterConsult Bulgaria”, a leading Bulgarian software and consulting company and “Musala Soft”, a software engineering services company, won the Gold and silver award of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011.

ICB - InterConsult Bulgaria”, puts the stress on its business-process-based portal solutions and expects to find new clients and partners. The company has been specially awarded for its product Engi Tools.
Engi Tools, based on artifitial intelligence, is an integrated software system which automatically generates product and engineering documentation. Its accuracy is over 95% for all the 50 supported types of documents. According to Konsberg, the main user of Engi tools, the product generates more than 10,000 pages for about 20,000 projects annually. It improves productivity 30 times and shortens the entire process from 60 days to less than 2 days.

Musala Soft”, is a leading Bulgarian software engineering services company, specialized in nearshoring, delivery of complex and large-scale software projects, IT consulting and solution implementation.
Musala Soft has developed methodology to execute projects under complicated setups including geographical dispersion, remote access, organizational obstructions and tight deadlines. Our commitment to understand clients' needs and deliver high quality and innovation, has attracted customers as DHL, EnBW, HP, IBM, OMV, SAP, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria, Western Europe and USA.

More information about other European Seal of e-Excellence winners will be weekly provided in this blog.

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