Monday, January 24, 2011

Recommendation on Software and Content Development Principles

The Document prepared by the TermNet member, Infoterm, addresses decision makers in public as well as private frameworks, software developers, the content industry and developers of pertinent standards.

The document underlines that Software should be developed and data models for content prepared in compliance with multilinguality, multimodality and multimedia, eInclusion and eAccessibility, multi-channel presentations and data modeling to facilitate the adaptation to different languages and cultures or new applications. These requirements should also be referenced in all pertinent standards.

Its purpose is to make aware that multilinguality, multimodality, eInclusion and eAccessibility need to be considered from the outset in software and content development, in order to avoid the need for additional or remedial engineering or redesign at the time of adaptation, which tend to be very costly and often prove to be impossible.

TermNet endorses this recommendation and would like to ask you to endorse it as well.

If you are interested please kindly fill in the form on page 2 of the document in word format and send your endorsement to companies, universities, NPOs, NGOs you have projects or joint activities with.

Download the document

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